Monday, September 7, 2009


There's nothing better than a little comic relief from a 3-year old.

Not only can dinner-time be fun but, this one's got his own sense of humor .

I was cleaning up dinner yesterday and said to Braden "Get your little butt over here." so that he could take his medicine.

He said"OK, I'll get my little butt over there." as he turned around and stuck is butt out and walked backwards, aroung the counter and over to where I was standing.

We were all laughing so hard that he made it a game for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


One darling 3-year old for sale. He is very cute, his father thinks that he is just adorable. However, he is capable of destroying a house in a single morning. For example. Yesterday, I was upstairs getting Caleb in the bathtub, when who should show up. His older brothe-yes, the 3-year old, Braden. "Mom, I want to take a bath with Caleb, can we have bubbles too?" I didn't think that would be a problem. So there they are playing in the bathtub and having a great time. I decide to hurry and put a few things away in my bedroom. I hear a thud, and go running into the bathroom only to find Caleb crawling out of the bathroom with Braden spraying him and the walls and floor with cold water. Well if I'm being sprayed with cold water you can bet I'm out of there too.
Later in the day I put Caleb down for a nap and I was balancing the checkbook downstairs on the computer. Braden-the 3-year old that is for sale, comes down and is playing in the office behind me. He gets up and goes over to the piano and plays around there for a while. I finish what I am doing and decide to run out back to get the chicken eggs-believing that Braden would continue to play at the piano. I come back into the house to find him bending over the piano with a mechanical pencil in hand as he uses all of the strength he has to "CARVE" lines onto the wood cover that goes over the keyboard of the piano.
Hence, the decision to see if anyone would consider paying for someone to come in and destroy their home. I told Corey that I do not believe that parents are meant to have anything nice in the home until all of the kids are grown and moved away. Since 3-year old little boys can and will find every way possible to destroy a home.

School's In

August 24th. The first day of school for Blake. He was up by 5:45 am. Asking his dad if it was time to get ready for school yet. No, the bus does not come for another two hours and fifteen minutes-Please go back to bed. Well, Blake is really liking 2nd grade. His favorite subject this year is math. He did not have any of his good friends from last year in his class but he does see them at recess so it's not so bad.

In may of last year when Kaitlyn went to her Kindergarten testing there was a question on the page, "Would you like your child to attend all-day kindergarten?" I was so excited to think that I could have her attend all day kindergarten. Wow, I could get so much accomplished if I did not have to worry about being home in the middle of the day to get a Kindergartener off the bus. So of course I put yes. Then I asked what the requirements were. I was told it was for students that needed extra help. I thought there would be no way that she would need that, after all she was pretty well prepared to start kindergarten. She recognized and could write almost all of her letters and she was also able to count to 100. Well, the week before school was to start I received a call from the school. They asked if I was still interested in having Kaitlyn go to all-day Kindergarten. Well who wouldn't want that, they wanted her to be in the class as a model student. And so Here she is on her first day, August 27th. She is bursting at the seems with excitement. Not only is she starting Kindergarten but she gets to go all day and even eat lunch at school like the big kids.The first day ended and she arrived home. Her dad asked how it was? All she could say was "TOTALLY AWESOME" He asked how was lunch and again got the same answer, "TOTALLY AWESOME." I hope that that attitude will carry with her for the next 13 years and she will continue to love learning.